Saturday, November 28, 2015

White-Crowned Sparrow Counting Game!

Home from Boise and so sleepy!

On Thanksgiving morning we took a walk in a snowy bit of vacant land (development sadly encroaching on all sides) where we followed the tracks of a deer for a while--until I realized that I was probably a lot less sure-footed than a deer and some of that terrain was steep and slippery. It was a lovely--gorgeous, even--snowy morning. We discovered quite the crowd of white-crowned sparrows, most of them looking as if their crowns had just come back from being starched and polished. We didn't realize how many birds were to be seen until some other people flushed them from the bushes. Two dozen or more birds took flight. There aren't that many in this photo, I don't think, but certainly there are a lot more than I realized when I snapped it. We were across a wee ravine (okay, so maybe it was more of ditch) so the quality is far from perfect, but see how many birds you can spot. (No fair looking at the name of the photo, and don't forget you can click on the image to get it larger.)


  1. Six? I see six. Are there more?

    1. I had to open it in Photoshop to find all of them again so finding six with the limitations of this is pretty good. But there are more.