Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cycling update: I'm in 1st place!

Just because I sort of doubt I'll hold onto my "Team Leadership #1" status for long, I'm preserving the moment by posting a quick screen shot here. I'm disappointed to see that my team is #223 of 502 competitors, but then we're counting only work-commute trips rather than *all* our bike rides during November. A few members might be a little slow about recording their rides too.

The windstorm predicted this morning has yet to really materialize but the ride home was still a bit challenging educational. I learned that when your glasses get covered in raindrops it doesn't only mean that the world become sort of grey and dim; no, all those tiny drops turn into wee prisms so that headlights blind you entirely. "Wheeeee!" I did not say. I am glad I have the sweet shoe lights and am thinking now that I might need to upgrade my $3 consignment store jacket to something that is actually waterproof. And I definitely something that will block the rain  on my glasses a bit more, which none of  these helmets would do so much but that doesn't mean I don't want half a dozen of them now.

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  1. Congratulations!
    I can see you in most of those hat/helmets, though The Louisville seems most suited if you only choose one.
    They don't make windshield wipers for glasses? I think they do -- check this out: