Thursday, November 19, 2015

Bland bike update with a side of worm

I am maintaining my #1 status on my team, which could suggests that my teammates are slackers but really I think that "status" is determined by number of commute rides so as long as I keep riding to and from work every day, I should be fine. Of course, next week's holiday schedule might wreak a little havoc. But since Madi Carlson stated recently that I inspired her to ride a few days ago, well, my ego might need something to calm it down a little. I have enjoyed not riding in the rain for the last three trips; a slight chill is a lot more pleasant than actual precipitation. And, hey! Mountaineers Books has wormed (that's foreshadowing that is) its way up to #141 out of 505 teams.
Speaking of worms (that's a smooth transition that is), I record that tonight's salad included a live worm. A cute little green fellow, it was, wriggling on my plate. I guess when they say "organic" at the West Seattle Farmers Market, they really mean it.

And because the blahness of this post is just too blah, I add a random photo of a wren with an unripe cherry that I happened across while looking for other photos this morning. 

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