Friday, May 22, 2015

Slice o' life email cut and paste post for a Friday morning

The powers move in mysterious ways, their doughnuts for Jill's last day to provide. Which is to say: THERE ARE TOP POT DOUGHNUTS IN THE COPIER/KITCHEN AREA—GET THEM WHILE THEY LAST!

A story to accompany your doughnut: 

 I had a blowout on my front tire on the way home last night which, I am here to tell you, is sort of exciting. A flash of blue-white light, a loud shot-like noise, and suddenly your tire is coming-off-the-rim flat. Naturally, my first thoughts were about the bike-to-month challenge for I am determined to be 100%. Could I find a bike shop open in West Seattle at 7:00 on a Thursday night? Could I swap tires with Scott's bike? Could I ride Scott's bike? 

 Those answers turned out to be no, no, and not safely, no. 

 But I did find that the aptly named Bicycle Repair Shop would open at 8:00 am and they're just few blocks from the Rapid-Ride C stop downtown. I applied some duct tape to the damaged tire, inserted my last pristine inner tube, and put the wheel back together enough to allow it to be clamped on the front of the bus—all before having my evening cocktail. This morning, it all went just as planned, and, luckily, the helmet I'd forgotten to take out of my bike's basket didn't bounce out on 99.

 MIchael at BRS very helpfully advised me on my tire options and, though they were booked solid, offered to put it on right then and there, thus saving me an embarrassing and messy 45 minutes of swapping things out myself. 

But what is the point of this story, you may ask, and where do the doughnuts come into it? Well, it happens that there's a Top Pot shop a block from the bicycle repair shop so while Michael quickly and efficiently made some money for his store, I purchased a gaggle of doughnuts. And since everything happens for a reason I can only surmise that my front tire blew out not because it's twenty years old and I rode over something sharp, but rather so that I would be able to bring doughnuts for this, Jill's last day.

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