Saturday, May 2, 2015

Of books, bikes,and goats

Today was "Independent Bookstore Day" across the country as, I suspect, not all that many people knew. I don't know how brilliant a job bookstores did about advertising the event beyond the book industry and, possibly, those who regularly visit their local bookstores. The few people to whom I mentioned it, fairly literate and locally aware types, hadn't heard about it. But then, the bookstores we visited were relatively busy so perhaps I malign their publicity. Hard to say.

This passport of a man made it to all
17 participating stores in the Seattle area.

 Regardless, Scott and I made an effort to visit some plucky independents on this, their big day. There's a price to be paid for a) not leaving the house until after 11:00 a.m., b) traveling via bicycle and Metro, and c) scheduling a goat visit for mid-afternoon and that's not having a passport that looks like the one to the right. This guy collected his final stamp at Elliott Bay around 6:00 p.m. What is truly staggering is that he was the *fourth* person to have done so. Sterner stuff and better planners; that's some people.

Quite honestly, I don't think Scott or I had the fortitude to handle so many bookstores; certainly our carrying capacity was pretty much stretched to the max with our paltry four stores. Between us we purchased thirteen books, I think, at four stores. The real wonder is that we did not also come home with an adorable baby goat because Eloise's daughter Mary (I blush) is as sweet as they come and clearly suited to travel by bicycle:
Mary the Goat in Bessie the Bike's basket
I've yet to figure our mileage for the day [[updated to add: just shy of 13 miles. We really should have gone to Third Place]]; we took the C from West Seattle to Ballard and then rode up to Phinney for Phinney Books,
Phinney Books
 back down into Ballard for Secret Garden Books,

Secret Garden Books
and, via the Burke Gilman Trail, across to the U district, for University Bookstore.

University Book Store
 We then caught a 48 to the Central district from which we biked (and pushed our bikes up a few hills) to visit the goats, and then bussed back to the vicinity of Elliott Bay Book Company
Elliott Bay Book Company

before biking downtown to catch a C back home. Where, happily, there were cocktails. And ibuprofen.

The biggest financial hit of the day was at Four Corners Art and Frame Shop. Gosh that little sora Virginia rail and chick were just too irresistible. I think, however, we also bolstered the figures for some local plucky independents:


  1. I smell another payment from a certain art gallery to a certain plucky local artist? I think I do! (Though it's a Virginia Rail, not a sora...hope you didn't really want a sora....)

    I was at the U Bookstore too (at 11am) where I failed to win the raffle (to spin the prize wheel) but where they still had free scones available. Early birds get the food!

  2. I'm almost surprised we didn't run into each other though we didn't go to the plant sale. I also didn't have my number drawn for the raffle at U Book Store and we were too *early* for the cake at Secret Garden. On a happier note, they were giving away cupcakes in West Seattle yesterday so I wasn't entirely deprived of free baked goods this weekend. And, yes, I do have a nice new painting on my bird wall.