Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A few of my favorite things

I take a lot of photos and I'm pretty good about clearing them off my camera and putting them onto my computer, and I sometimes fuss with a few of them briefly, cropping, sizing, and naming them. And then, possibly, I get around to shifting them to an external hard drive or, if I'm really ambitious, I'll sort through them to make a calendar some time a week or two before Christmas. 

 It's a foolish way of being. On reflection, I'm pretty sure it doesn't make a lot more sense to throw a handful of snaps up here tonight but, by gum, that's what I'm doing. Without further adieu I present half a dozen photos that represent nothing but daily life in the last three or four days. Not shown here, because I didn't photograph it, is the mass of wet cycling gear spread about the house. It was a wet commute home during this third weekday of "bike to work" month. 

A darned handsome Bewick's wren giving me the business from near the grape.

View of the garden after the evening rain in early May 

I did imply random, right? Still life/portrait during the painting of the bathroom this weekend
Book / Bike Day cocktail-in-progress
Tulips that have survived until early May
Bewick's wren fledgling in the cherry tree this evening


  1. Daily life looks damned fine. Glad I will be sharing it soon for a few days. I like the wren up top.

    1. You will indeed. You'll find your painting clothes all set out for you.

  2. Except for the bathroom and the booze, you've got a third of your 2016 calendar right here. The light on the tulips is stunning -- great shot. And a fledgling!! I know the Bewick's Wrens that love my yard do their breeding nearby but I've not seen fledglings yet this year. Sigh.

    At my office right now there is a goat on my calendar staring at me in a most distinctive fashion. I look forward to many more random photos.

  3. What do you mean "except for the bathroom and the booze"? I call those prime candidates for a few particular dates. In truth, most of the photos aren't large enough for the calendar, I don't think, but thank you for your kind comments.

    I've been surprised by the young wrens; it seems too early. But they definitely exhibit all the signs of being fledglings, including a certain cluelessness that makes me worry about them around Gradka.