Friday, July 28, 2017

Non-Holland Interlude

The morning's sweet pea and bean harvest from the front 40 atop some sprawling lavender
As we were walking around in the Fill the other day, Alex mentioned that I hadn't shared any photos of the garden lately, so this morning I thought I'd take a few quick snaps with the iPad (about the only thing I can do relatively easily with the iPad is take photos. Well, after I overcame that tendency to take videos rather than photos) and toss them up on blahdeblah before getting on with the rest of my day. Oh, the trilling laughter that has ensued. It took me a while to locate the photos (wouldn't you think they'd just be in "photos"?), and then to find a way to convey them to blogger. I'm still not clear which combination of maneuvers worked. Oh, first decade of the third millennium, how I miss you!

Fingers crossed that some photos appear below. (They are not, of course, edited in any way because god knows I'm not about to try to get that tricky on this absurd machine.)

I told Alex it was running a little wild. On looking at this snap, I'm reminded of the  powdery mildew as well.
[And it was just about here that I switched over to Myrna because, by god, there must be an app for blogger that I need to put together a post on the iPad. How did I manage to split a photo?]

That's my "secret garden" chair hidden behind the flourishing crocosmia and a geranium we call "Sticky."
More of that overgrown effect of which I'm so fond. I call it wilderness habitat.

Gradka, unamused by the papparazzi, has a wash on her lounger.


  1. It really does look wild in these photos. Does it look this wild in real life? I tell myself it doesn't. Not that I mind, but I actually think of it as a nice little country garden, a little sprawly but mostly well-behaved.

  2. It may, in part, be the flattening effect of the iPad camera but, yes, I think it *is* a bit out of control in real life. That's what allows Gradka to disappear so completely into it, remember?