Sunday, March 5, 2017

O'er-hasty posting (but pretty!)

Oh blahdeblahblah you old neglected thing, what can I say? There's no excuse for my treatment of you and yet, I hope to buy you off with a lovely bouquet with a hint of backstory.

The backstory is that Scott and I had a car today so we could pick up the chairs I'd purchased at the flower and garden show and also buy and shift a wheelbarrow home from True Value. (We may not own a sawsall yet, at least we now have a wheelbarrow. Okay, it needs to be assembled yet but still. And all.) Naturally since we had a car we went to the grocery store and there I somewhat pointedly, and very rudely since he had just purchased twenty tulips for me at the farmers market, called Scott's attention to some elegant flower arrangements they had in the case. "For future reference," I may have said.

Then we finished our errands and returned the car and eventually made our way back home for what remained of the afternoon. I remembered I'd left some blackberry vine in the alley during yesterday's fence project (oh! the exciting tales I could share if only I had more time and ambition) so I shifted the yard waste container to the back and one thing led to another as I spent some time ripping out buttercup and admiring thumbprints at the suet all the while my clever little brain working in its own mysterious ways. After moving the now quite heavy yard waste container to the front, I fetched the clippers and a basket and wandered about snipping what caught my eye and then I came inside, filled a vase with marbles and rock and set to work.

 The result, I must say, is easily as elegant and fine as those $42 items at Metropolitan Market. And, of course is all organic and locally sourced.

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