Sunday, March 12, 2017

Most evil of days but a cushiony life

It is, of course, the most evil day of the year, the day on which an hour has been cruelly stolen from us as we slept. My plan, I have told anyone who will listen, is to pretend it hasn’t happened and skip the hour between 4:00 and 5:00 on Monday afternoon instead. I’m pretty sure that the majority of my fellow Americans would be much happier to see that hour go, than to lose an hour of precious sleep. I just need to put the initiative paperwork together, once I’m a little better rested.

(With apologies to those who object to pictures of meals in the internet)
Yesterday, however, I was more ambitious and while sitting at the new bistro table for breakfast (crepes filled with Glendale Shepherd cheese and Mme Gradka's apricot jam) I gave some thought to cushions for the chairs. This led to my pulling out the pile of fabric that I tend to buy on impulse, cutting a pattern out of newspaper, and just being all sorts of March girl. I was particularly pleased about using some of the upholstery cloth purchased on last year’s West Seattle Yard Sale Day. It was also nice to have some justification for not throwing out old pillows as I was able to repurpose the filling of one of those for cushioning. Possibly most pleasing of all was finding  a spool of color-match minty-green thread in my mother's collection of thread. I’m not saying that the resulting cushions are perfectly round, nor do I claim that they’re exactly identical in size, but Mr Bear pronounces the effect both easy and fine. 

Today I’ve planted potatoes and started some peas. It’s like I pretend that some day winter will end.


  1. Why don't my breakfasts ever look that good? And why don't I have a nifty bistro set with fabulous hand-sewn cushions? Oh, wait, I know why -- because I am fundamentally lazy. I stand in awe (or rather, being lazy, I sit in awe) of your creative efforts.

    Of course, while I'm busy sitting, I can also mildly gloat over not having to fret about Springing Ahead An Hour. Whee!

    1. I think your breakfasts, etc. look pretty darned fine, but I will say that my last couple of years of high school french consisted almost entirely of fundraising by making and selling crepes so I got to be a pretty dab hand at them. But I certainly did not *hand-sew* the cushions. I mentioned my mother's thread collection but failed to note that I also have her old sewing machine. It's quite nostalgic for me any time I do any sewing.

      You could use that time you have on your hands to act on behalf of the rest of us and organize the anti-DST protest movement.