Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Update from the Behind-Schedule Santa Sweatshop, 2016 edition

This time of year I spend a lot of time vowing to be better next year because it's about now that I start working on the next year's calendar. The calendar I always want to give to people at Christmas. Obviously it would be sensible to start this project in, say, October at the latest. But somehow it never works out that way and I spend evenings when I'm already tired speeding through hundreds of photo files, trying to decide what I'm using. It was easier last year when I had at least decided to limit it to photos from the trip to Paris and and environs. This year I realize that I could have an entire calendar of Scott, Siobhan, and Carl pointing at things, but I don't think anyone, least of all those three, would appreciate such a calendar. And, sadly, I suspect that only I would really thrill to a dozen photos of things like the baby spiders discovered in the boxwood last summer.

Perhaps predictably, it's looking like it will probably be a lot of bird photos again. Because that's what I've got. Or spiders.


  1. Speaking of calendars...I dropped off your and Scott's Christmas present at his office cubicle a week and a half ago (he was not there) and have not yet received confirmation of its receipt. I sure hope he got it!

    I would be delighted by any of your photos (though perhaps more by plants and spiders and birds than of people pointing at things) because they are always fabulous!

    1. Scott told me he found something from you but he has not yet brought it home. He also said something about some jam hints . . . remind me for the millionth time which type you prefer.

  2. Oh good! Glad it did not go walkabout.

    RASPBERRY! RASPBERRY!! RASPBERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fingers tired now, don't think I can get to a million.

  3. You know, I really *do* like those spiders. They feel like October.