Saturday, December 24, 2016

Cookie shipping experiment

 I learned this year that cookies I had sent to Boise in earlier years had not arrived in such pristine condition as I had hoped. This was disappointing. I vowed to do better. Sadly, the post office took six days to get the cookies to their ultimate destination so I'm not so sanguine  but, well, I still share some photos here.

 My big breakthrough, which may or may not have been successful, was to not only layer the cookies with tissue paper but also to cushion them with mini-marshmallows. The idea was to prevent the cookies from shifting so much in transit, while also allowing them something soft to slide into if they did move. Plus, the recipient could then use the marshmallows in hot chocolate! The challenge here was to find the marshmallows at my local grocer. Should devoted readers of blahdeblahblah ever need to locate marshmallows at a Metropolitan Market, I share that they are inexplicably found near the pudding. It makes no sense to me either.

 Anyway. Scott and I made the usual suspect cookies (pillowcase cookies--aka rolled sugar cookies, fennel cookies, aggression cookies, molasses cookies--aka Army of Darkness, and mongol hordes--aka peanut blossom cookies) a week ago. I'm pretty sure I've posted plenty of cookie-making snaps before so this year I limit myself to the ingredients, the cookie cutter selection, and the baker (note cute owl apron purchased in Gearhart Labor Day weekend).

And the packaging:
Second or third layer: sugar cookies
Mongol hordes heavily cushioned
Top layer of molasses cookies, also heavily cushioned

The fully loaded box, with top tightly affixed, was then put into a sturdy box with plenty of packing paper, inflated air pocket things, and god knows what else. The cookie box within could not move a muscle, I'm certain. Then the whole lot was foolishly entrusted to the USPS that did god knows what with it for close to a week. As above, I anxiously await a report on the final results. 

[Myrna running on reserve battery power and the sound of cocktails being poured = no serious proofreading. Happy Christmas, you wonderful old blogosphere!]

UPDATE: Cookies unpacked on arrival. "Not a single broken one!"


  1. Mini marshmallows?? When the hell are these cookies getting here? Also, your hair looks cute

    1. Tish, USPS claims they *are* there. Are they not on your front stoop?

  2. Perhaps UPS or FedEx should be your expensive friend next year? They all look delightful and delicious and the marshmallow packaging is inspired. Lovely apron, too!