Friday, December 25, 2015

Two variations on a Christmas still-life, plus Gradka Christmas card, 2015 edition

After Gradka spent the night yowling because she didn't like the Christmas tree being lit up or was worried about the presence of Cthulu in her stocking or wanted to alert us to the presence of a jolly old elf on the roof, not to mention all those reindeer, we weren't up particularly early this morning. It's three hasty photos thrown here and then on to get something more substantial than a clementine and few pieces of chocolate into my system before more festivities du jour. Happy Christmas!

Scott likes this one for its old oil painting feel
I like this one for its sense of contained mayhem
Like the Queen and the Pope, Gradka has her Christmas traditions


  1. Ooh, I can see my calendar in the second photo! Thank you very much for your very fine calendar -- France seems to be extremely photogenic. However, I was shocked -- *shocked*, I tell you -- to see a photo of Truman inside, yet not a single picture of Madame Gradka! I'm surprised she is still speaking to you. Heavens.

    Sadly, I have no Christmas photo to equal your excellent ones, since I opened every present I got just as soon as I got it. I am not terribly observant of the traditions.

    Happy Christmas to you, too (when did we become British?)!

  2. Maybe it's that she's not in more calendars that has Gradka making so much noise. She *does* appear in the version that is for Scott and me--and possibly one other iteration--her anniversary. I should have left her on yours, I guess. Next year, I tell myself, I'll not be so rushed. I told myself that last year too.

    Also, of course, I love your calendar. I particularly like the three lighthouses though the December shot is pretty cool as well.