Friday, December 11, 2015

Further bike update

I decided to update my biking stats for the year on the Luum site because,  you know, it's what some of us do for fun when we're tired:

Today, however, I left Bessie at home as I did some shopping in Ballard and elsewhere and, by gum, it's quite wearying to carry all of one's purchases oneself! I missed my bike basket. Possibly that means that biking is actually less exercise than walking would be, not that I see myself giving up the biking anytime soon. Not after I just bought fancy spoke reflectors today.

 Also purchased: baked goods, Christmas cards, cookie-making supplies (including five pounds of flour that would have been so much nicer to carry in Bessie's basket), modgepodge, and god knows what else. Soon TK: a Christmas tree and stamps.


  1. Ohmigosh I hate carrying stuff when I don't have a bike with me! So much work. But I'm ecstatic you see that now, too! Lemme know if you want to borrow my cargo bike for the Christmas tree :P

    1. I've wracked my brains and don't see any way to put a six-foot tree in Bessie's little basket. We considered just strapping a tree the length of the bike and then wheeling it down the hill to the house but that made sense only when I'd be at the tree lot with my bike anyway. We're sticking to the traditional hand-carry method. Isn't this time of year all about tradition?