Thursday, November 27, 2014

More about Mergansers

Argh! If there's a way to edit an existing blogger post or add a photo to a comment, I don't know what it is and it's late and I need to be asleep. So, Alex, this post is all for you. We thought the merganser was a non-breeding male based on its white secondaries (speculum?) and less rounded head and shaggier crest. Here are a pair of larger, more cropped shots:


  1. okay, better photos. I'm happy to go with your call. Though it's the wrong time of year for nonbreeding males, but then again, it's Boise. Maybe things are different there. The squirrels certainly are.

  2. Thanks. I have to admit that you are such the authority to me that I was wondering if there was a printing error in my Sibley guide. This was, I think, the only common merganser we saw in Boise; certainly we didn't see any of the breeding males.