Friday, November 7, 2014

Hasty lunchtime photo post from the Banff Mountain Book and Film Festival


Rainbow view from my balcony at the Banff Centre

What I've learned is a common redpoll

That common redpoll again, side view

Vending machines at the Banff Centre offer chips, chocolate, lip balm, toothbrushes, and Tylenol. I wish they had cheese.

The obligatory view from the window shot

Jeremy Collins working on an illustration, above and the fniished work, below (on a speeded-up video)


  1. A redpoll? That's a finch. Mr Sibley's redpoll doesn't look so handsome as yours. Bring me back a Glosette bar, ta awfully. -s

  2. Le Glosette is not so much a bar as a box but I spent 2 loonies to make you happy. The packaging declares it to be "BEST EVER!/MEILLEUR QUE JAMAIS!" -m.

  3. The Common Redpoll is a good bird to see. You rarely see them down here -- they like things cold. We had a mini-incursion of them the same year we had the Snowy Owls.

    Nice mountains they've got there.

  4. I wish you'd fix the link to the first photo, of the moon. Les Glosettes were quite fine, by the way. -eli