Sunday, September 14, 2014

When life gives you grapes, make pie!

And tonight, grape pie!

 This used up another two pounds of grapes, leaving us with what is scientifically termed, "a fuckofalotmoregrapesstill." I used this grape pie recipe while listening to the Vinyl Cafe September 13 podcast. The length of the show pretty much exactly matched the length of the prep-time for the pie which was pretty ideal. The Morley story about the Dutch oven was darned fine as well. And, again, fingers crossed that the pie is edible. If it is, I'll plan to make another one or two for next week's post-memorial business. While feeling bad that I never made such a pie for my father.


  1. The grape pie is much better than the cherry pie he wanted you to make. But I can imagine his suspicion at the idea of grape pie.

  2. We'd have to pretend it was cherry, then. But possibly he grew up on grape pie. Is it a midwestern sort of dish?