Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bookstore Day in Photos

In no particular order because it's late and I'm tired:
Self-evident: bikes outside of Phinney Books, our 5th bookstore of the day (about 17.5 miles). It was here that we ran into Bill Thorness who demonstrated his fancy new bike helmet; it has turn signals!
And outside of Queen Anne Book Company (store #3). I bought the new Lyanda Lynn Haupt, but it was Scott's purchase of John Berger's Portraits that impressed the bookseller.
A display of books I found particularly charming at Elliott Bay Book Company (final stop=#8)
And also at Elliott Bay: another display at which I pointed saying, "mine, mine, mine, mine, mine . . ."
Book Larder in Fremont (#6/19.5 miles) where I picked up a copy of "Imbibe" magazine along with a Julia Child book. The clerk told us, "The editor of the magazine is going to be giving a talk here in May" to which Scott replied, "We were just out drinking with him last night!"
It's not all about books and bikes: there were bakery stops (this one at 14.33 miles) as well. Oh Besalu, how I miss you!
Bookshop #4 was Secret Garden where I had to look a good long time to find a book to buy; I finally found the latest (and sadly last) Stuart McLean Vinyl Cafe collection.
First stop of the day was actually a coffee shop: Caffe Umbria on Occidental Square in Pioneer Square. Tres charmant, too. (This was at just over the 6-mile mark, what with the initial attempt at the water taxi; who knew it ran so seldom at this time of year?)
We didn't win any drawings at University Book Store (#7 @ 22.5 miles) but we found some travel books.
First bookshop of  the day; a handful of classic mysteries and "grab bag" containing a couple of ARCs from Seattle Mystery Bookshop
Our rogue not-on-the-official-list bookstore of the day:we stopped at Metsker Maps to get a map so we could find our way down the backside of Queen Anne.
I covet this poster (from the door of Phinney Books).
The fruits of  the day. I am, indeed, firightend to look at the pile of receipts.
Total bike mileage for the day was just about 25 miles; we cheated and took a bus from Mercer to the top of Queen Anne hill and we rode the light rail from the U District to Capitol Hill and then downtown. And yes, a C brought us back to West Seattle. By then it was raining, we had several pounds of books, and Scott's rear light had gone AWOL.


  1. I'm very impressed. 25 miles! If I owned a bike, I could probably get to the end of the block and back on it. Nice book haul. Let me know if you find any mystery winners (I've read all of Crispin).

  2. The end of your block and back would be a start--and you'd probably end up riding a lot farther. I'm not sure I haven't already read the Crispin, but I was in a mood for some old-fashioned mysteries so that's what I bought. Did you at least go to Third Place yesterday?

    1. You're not only sturdier than I am, you're also braver -- there is no way I would ever ride a bicycle on Seattle streets.

      Sadly, I was unable to visit a bookstore on Independent Bookstore Day -- the Northend Sketchers were in Tacoma drawing at the LeMay car museum. It didn't occur to me until we were leaving that the Tacoma Book Center was across the street. Gah. Too late!