Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Maple Pass Photos, Mostly

It's late and I'm tired so I'm tossing some photos here for now; with luck I'll write up what should be a fascinating trip report before I forget all the details. Until then, a handful of atmospheric snaps--in no particular order as I see that blogger decided I wanted all of them immediately.

Lunch break with some stellar scenery
Birds were not particularly brilliant on the Maple Pass hike. We think this is an American pipit.
No marmots were seen but there were a handful of charming chipmunks about.
I suspect the wildflowers will really hit their stride in a few weeks, but they weren't so shabby a few days ago.

Not from the Maple Pass hike at all; this was the day before when I opted to wade into the Skagit River. It was lovely.

Back to the Maple Pass trail--one of many unidentified mountains
Lake Ann from the trail above
Please oh please note the mud and ice (well, snow) on my Bogs!
Scott admires the view on the Maple Pass trail.


  1. How is it you manage to look so stylish, even when wading in a river?

    1. It's all in the camera angle, the reflective water, and the hat I bought in Brooklyn.