Saturday, September 5, 2015

The not-for-me camera

Osprey that Scott photographed while firmly anchored
A few weeks back I ordered a new lighter-weight camera, sold on it by the various rave reviews it got from, seemingly, everyone. It had something like 300 positive reviews, from people who seemed comparable to me in their experience, ability, and interests. I can only assume that those people have far steadier hands than I do or take photos of a lot of stationary birds because today, sadly, I am packing up the camera to return it. Neither Scott nor I can successfully use the viewfinder and to use the amazing zoom, we found that you really need to be anchored to an immovable object. (Well, Scott found that leaning against a pillar worked for him; I still couldn't get a clear shot, more often than not) It was when I couldn't manage to focus on a flower three feet away that I decided to stick with my heavier but less demanding old Rebel.

The downpour
The Fill itself wasn't entirely up to its usual standard though we were pleased to see both the coots and the cormorants back from wherever it is that they go. There were also a pair of ospreys, doing their osprey thing and about a million chickadees. We watched a pair of Wilson's warblers chasing each other around in the swamp but by that stage I knew there was no point in even trying to locate and photograph the birds. And then we were soaked in the downpour.

Two somewhat more successful photos: Scott in the swamp and a savannah sparrow by the UW Botany greenhouses which area Alex so nicely sketched a few days ago.


  1. I am *so* sorry the Canon did not work out for you! I guess I do have extra steady hands, as it poses no such problems for me. I was at the Fill Saturday morning from 7:30-9:00 and had lots of lovely birds including an Orange-crowned Warbler and a Downy Woodpecker, and the shovelers were back. When did it rain there? I was up in Edmonds from 10-1, and then at Marymoor Park from 2-4 and we didn't get rained on. I think it started here in Lake City around 5pm.

  2. Oh yes, the shovelers! It was nice to see them too. Are they like mallards in that they all sort of look like females when not in breeding plumage, or did we just happen to see only females? There were a few drops around 3:45, maybe, which then stopped, and then the deluge got serious at, perhaps, around 4:15. There were rivers to be crossed in the streets. Where was your downy?

    1. The shovelers are like Mallards, yes, so they could have been both male and female. The Downy was in the trees directly off the main pond on the left. I got a LOVELY photo of it with my CANON POWERSHOT.

      And by the way, what were you doing going to the Fill and not inviting me when we've been struggling to get together all these months, hm?

    2. Sorry! I figured that you'd not be interested in a visit to the Fill in the middle of the day. Maybe I can mollify you with some Eli-courier grape jam later in the week? -m.

    3. Well, yes, it's not my favorite time to go there but given our difficulties in connecting of late, at least it's somewhere I *could* get to. As it turned out, I went on an impromptu dog park trip with Tina that afternoon. Madame Gradka's grape jam is a treat I am looking forward to with great anticipation -- though of course, I am on Staycation this week and not in range of the Eli Courier Service. My coworker Gitana may be willing to accept it on my behalf and guard it zealously from all comers.