Saturday, March 14, 2015


It was Pi Day so naturally I made pie. I'm still me, however, so naturally neither pie was exactly and absolutely pie. I made what I'm calling "Mrs Tebbens' Quiche" after the Angela Thirkell character Mrs Tebbens, one of whose defining characteristics is a compulsive need to use up that bit of old cheese in the ice box, not that I'm suggesting that the remainder of goat cheese that we had was a nasty bit of old cheese, mind you, but rather that today's quiche featured the remains of stirfried vegetables and tofu from a few night's ago dinner. The quiche, I say, struck me as quite delicious. I used the recipe I posted a few days ago, substituting the leftover stirfry for the broccoli.

It being such a special Pi Day, however, a single quiche seemed insufficient (and, also, I was hungry) so I opted to make an apple tart/pie/thing with what apple we had in the house. Mrs Tebbens struck again, as I used one whole apple, a couple of half apples, and insufficient dough and improvised streusel to create the second pie for the day.

 This experiment in thrift was also quite fine. As it happens quiche and apple pie have the same oven requirements; ten minutes at 450 followed by half an hour, or a little longer, at 350. It's like the baking gods smiled upon my Pi Day experiments.


  1. I made a crustless fudgy chocolate pie from a recipe in "In the Chips: The Complete Chocolate Chip Cookbook" because it was 1pm before a friend reminded me it was Pi Day, and it was the only recipe where I already had all the ingredients on hand. It was really just a fudgy brownie recipe put in a pie pan, and it came out too gooey, but edible.

    After my friend told me it was Pi day, and after slapping my forehead for having forgotten (and having already done my grocery shopping), I said, "I bet Mary is making pie today. Or quiche." Hah. Or quiche and streusel thingy. They both look quite tasty.

  2. You were probably awake during the critical hour/minute/second conjunction whereas I was quite asleep. I'm not sure, really, whether that makes you a better or worse Pi observer. Gooey is rarely a *bad* thing when it comes to chocolate.

    1. Well, yes, I was awake, but utterly oblivious to the Pi-ness of the moment, as I was busily engaged in chopping down a ceanothus (yes, in the rain). In addition to gooeyness, the Pi Pie seemed to be lacking something, not sure what. The recipe did seem suspiciously simple (chocolate chips, butter, sugar, eggs, flour, vanilla) and I'm wondering if something got left out inadvertently. Whatever it was, it made a difference, and I am not going to finish my Pi Pie. Alas. Such a wasted opportunity!

      I think your Pi Pies rule the day.

  3. Seems like you might have needed something else to make it rise if it was supposed to rise, of course. Alas, it sounds like a sad waste of lovely ingredients. While yesterday may have been a bad day for yard work, I think today would have to be worse. After a drenching trip to the farmers market, I'm holing up inside for the rest of the day.